Recent Testimonials

The academy was a breath of fresh air for me. Aside from being a really beautiful space to work in, the knowledge and confidence I gained from the tutorial was invaluable. For anyone who is looking for a relaxed, professional and cool place to further their craft, especially in session hair styling then this is the place. Kevin blew me away with his knowledge of afro hair and I’ve been in the business for a long time! His Partner, Martin was also a fabulous host and his organisation made sure we could all stay focussed on the job in hand – braiding! So many hairdressers, new and old, are looking to become more involved in doing sessions and wanting to evolve there skills to keep up, if you feel its for you then pay them a visit. What once upon a time could only be learnt assisting on shows and shoots for years, can be learnt here at a much faster pace. I just hope they don’t teach you too well otherwise I’ll be out of a job!

I had the pleasure of taking part in a blow-drying masterclass taught by Kevin at the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy. It was a really fun and interactive day and I really felt like I learnt a lot of new skills and went away feeling much more confident and couldn’t wait to get practicing. It’s an honour to learn from Kevin and if you are new to hair styling or just want a refresher I definitely recommend the courses offered here. I will definitely be signing up to do more.’

I attended one of the academy’s Blow-Drying masterclasses over the summer. I was amazed, that I left after just one day – trained on different hair textures the do’s and don’ts when looking after european and afro hair, roots, how to blow dry, curling/styling techniques, and what products are the best to use on what hair-type. I could go on. I was blown away at how much I learnt in one afternoon. Kevin’s tutoring was excellent, very clear and we learn’t so much in a short space of time. The investment in this course will be priceless for makeup artists and hair dressers, by one of the best teacher’s in the business today, sharing his wealth of expertise. I thank Kevin for my new found passion with hair. He gets 5 stars for a fun day and fabulous personality when teaching us.