3 Day Intensive Course

Afro Hair: Texture Cutting With Jennie Roberts

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Jennie brings over 30 years of industry experience to her teaching – from having trained at Vidal Sassoon in her early years, to working internationally with some of the Film & Music worlds’ biggest start across her incredible career. Jennie has been a regular guest-tutor at the Academy for a number of years, teaching on our internationally-renowned Afro Hair Styling courses and we couldn’t be more excited to launch this new course in close collaboration with her.

As our industry is ever changing & evolving, this course is born from Session Artists’, Hairdressers & Salon Owners’ desire to become more inclusive & diverse in your skill-set & artistry working with Tightly Curled & Coiled Afro-textured hair.

This course is designed by Jennie & the Academy to empower you with CoreCutting-Techniques, that will see you confidently offer your cutting-services to any client within the beautifully diverse spectrum of different, natural Afro-Hair Textures, from the looser 3A, B & C Curls – to the tighter 4A, B & C Coils.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Celebrity Session Hair Artist & Hairdresser JENNIE ROBERTS on this Industry-leading course, dedicated exclusively to the Art of cutting natural, Afro-textured hair-types.

Course Overview

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The aim of this course is for you to gain invaluable, in-depth knowledge, understanding & insights into working with Afro-textured Hair! From the Science that makes Care, Styling & Cutting Techniques so unique to each texture – to Cutting Techniques that will allow you to celebrate natural textures & curl-patterns: Across the 3 days of the course, you will discover and enter the world of modern, 3-dimensional Cutting Techniques that Enhance & Capture Curls, Coils & Kinks in magnificent Shapes & Silhouettes.



Qualified Industry Hairstylists from across Fashion, Entertainment, Tv & Film passionate to add cutting techniques unique to Afro-textured hair to your skill-set.


Qualified / Experienced Hairdressers ambitious to expand your clientele and become more ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’ in the services you offer.


This course is the perfect stepping-stone for you & your team to receive industry-leading training that will see your business attract & build a more diverse clientele, offering services for women passionate about celebrating their natural hair-textures.

The Course Covers:

  • The Advanced Science of Afro-textured Hair
  • Maintaining & Promoting Healthy Hair & Scalp
  • Texture & Curl Assessment
  • Confident Client Consultation
  • 3-Dimensional Vision
  • ‘Fluid Free-Hand Cutting’ & ‘Skimming’ Techniques
  • Technical ‘Free-Hand’ Cutting Techniques
  • Weight Distribution
  • ‘Selective Curl’ Cutting
  • ‘Elevated Graduation’
  • ‘Fragmented Silhouette’ Cutting
  • On-Set | Salon Styling & Finishing Techniques for Natural Afro-textured


A complete kit is required to take part in the course. The styling tools you will need to bring along to all classes are: Professional hair dryer with diffuser, Tail comb, Large Tooth comb, Afro Picks Short & Long , Cutting comb, Bristle Cushion Brush (Mason Pearson Brush), Denman Staggered Styling brush, Sectioning clips, Hairdressing scissors, Water spray. The Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy will provide all the styling-products needed during classes.

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