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Course Date

May 04th – 08th & 18th – May 22nd 2020

August 10th – 14th & August 24th – 28th 2020


Full-time Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Course Cost


Equally beneficial to students new to the Art of Hair Styling or professionals already working within the industry looking to invigorate and update your techniques and advance your artistry  – the key skills you will be tutored and guided in are:

  • How to handle hair with technical and creative confidence
  • Assessing and managing hair in ways that let your imagination flow
  • Providing on-going care & protection for hair during styling
  • Catwalk and High-Fashion Styles
  • International Feature Film Hair-Styling
  • Photographic Hair-Styling
  • Developing your artistic eye and confidence in your vision

While the unique opportunity to undertake only a certain number of modules was created out of a clear understanding of professional needs, we highly recommend the course to be taken as a 2-week, full-time, program.

By completing the full curriculum, you will get the opportunity to flourish and evolve through consistent practice in a wide spectrum of styling-methods and the creative challenges set by our fantastic team of tutors.

Full-time course content

Week One

Module One: Blow-drying techniques

For Session Styling


Over the two day course-module, you will gain expertise towards achieving beautifully finished, polished hair-styles through a variety of Blow-Drying Techniques.

An array of key areas, such as Hair-Assessment, Care and Preparation skills will be covered on this course – vital skills to ensure you can gain any artist’s trust in your expertise.

For any stylist the protection and care for their clients’ hair should always go hand in hand with your desire to achieve healthy-looking, lustrous hair.

Today’s incredibly diversity of care- and styling-products can be intimidating. This module aims towards empowering you to make expert-choices, that accomplish magnificent Blow-Drying results – without compromising your duty to look after your clients’ hair.

  • The Science of hair and understanding different hair textures
  • Look at various hair products to support and protect healthy hair
  • Understanding key styling tools
  • Sectioning & Preparation of hair
  • Blow drying techniques to achieve a variety of styles
  • How to create Height, Body & Texture through Blow-Drying
  • Using Velcro rollers
  • Directional blow-drying
  • Backcombing and Root Lift
  • Brushing out and finishing styles for a shoot or live event
  • Changing hairstyles during a shoot

Duration: 2 days – Monday & Tuesday

Module Two: Period Styling Techniques

Evoke the Past – Inspire the Future

Throughout this three-day course module, you will encounter some of the most influential styling methods of the 20th century. As modern styles still very much draw inspiration from all decades of the last century, period-waving and curling techniques are still integral skills to have as a versatile stylist – being asked to reference certain historical periods, remains one of the key elements to almost every creative style-brief.
This course will help you gain ground-knowledge on the technical intricacies of methods such as Marcel Waves, Finger Waves & Pin Curls (20’s, 30’s, 40’s). You will be taught how to accomplish sophisticated waves by combining period styling methods with modern tools.

The aim of this module lies in encouraging you to ‘play’ confidently with historical references – So you can start to explore a sense of freedom in manipulating hair in ways that allow you to achieve artistically ambitious and exciting new perspectives. Each style-tutorial ends with translating your new-found skills into contemporary styles with a certain Period-Twist.

  • Period Pin Curling technique
  • Period Marcel Waves
  • Analyzing and negotiating the direction of curls and Directional Setting of hair
  • 20’s, 30’s, 40’s Waves
  • 50’s, 60’s, 70’s Lift, Body, Volume
  • Roller sets, Velcro Sets
  • Creating sophisticated curls with Heated-Tongs & Heated Curling Irons
  • Finger waves
  • Big, Bold, Voluminous Hair
  • Pinning & Securing styles hair for dancers / performers

Duration: 3 days – Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Week Two

Module Three

Hair Extensions & Hair Pieces

Hair Extensions have become a principal styling demand over the past few years. While in the past, extensions were predominantly left to salon-professionals – an increasing number of celebrities now travel with a selection of hair-pieces that give them endless opportunities to play and ‘switch-up’ their styles. Styling techniques for extensions have therefore become very sophisticated.

Yes! Everyone has embraced the fun & creative freedom to be had with extensions – so it is absolutely vital for stylists to have the necessary skills to create styles that may convey a ‘beyond-natural’ aesthetic, that allow artists to use their hairstyle as a powerful element to their self-expression, image and sense of style. The days when artists, celebrities and brands stick to one signature-look to define their image are well and truly over!

This course module aims to build and nurture your creative versatility by teaching you important core-skills needed to create styles that range from subtle enhancement of natural hair – to creating fashion-forward, artistic pieces that push boundaries and create a distinct aesthetic.

  • Working high quality hair pieces
  • Sewing hair pieces together
  • How to make pony tails
  • Adding hair pieces to wigs
  • Colour and dye hair extensions
  • Prepping hairpieces
  • Setting hair pieces for a shoot
  • Styling and sculpting hair extensions

Duration: 2 days – Monday & Tuesday

Module Four: Editorial & Catwalk Hair Styling

Seeing Your Visions Come to Life

The world of High-Fashion Catwalk and Editorial / Avant-Garde Hair-Styling allows artists from the world of fashion, design and performance to push the boundaries far beyond every-day tastes. It is within this fantastical world that you will explore your creative vision and ability as a stylist to articulate and translate your ideas into elaborate style-statements –

The collaborative element to all Fashion, Hair & Make-Up Styling is of greatest importance in this field, as every team comes together to accomplish the overall Art-direction set by a particular client.This course module aims to cultivate your creative freedom, while guiding you towards a focused approach to working within specific design-briefs. We are very excited to invite a different designer to each course to set a brief to the entire class –

Day Three of the course-module will consist of a photo-shoot, with a professional photographer capturing your very own creations in photographs and a short promo-video of your to add to your portfolio.(Please note that this module can only be taken in conjunction with at least 2 other course modules of your choice!)

  • Working towards a set design brief
  • Articulating and Presenting your ideas to the class and guest-designer
  • Designing and Prepping of hair & wig pieces
  • Wrapping natural hair away and adding hairpieces
  • Changing styles during a shoot
  • Adding hairpieces for a big hair look
  • On-set etiquette
  • Photo-Shoot

Duration: 3 days – Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Full-time Course Cost

The program has been carefully designed to be either completed as a three-week, full-time program, OR you have the opportunity to book individual modules that meet your specific creative/professional interests and desired learning-outcomes.

  • Two-day blocks £ 370.00
  • Three-day blocks £ 555.00
  • One-week blocks £ 925.00
  • Full Three-week course £ 2225.00

Tools & Requirements

A complete kit is required to take part in the course. The styling tools you will need to bring along to all classes are: Professional hair dryer with diffuser, Straightening irons, Velcro rollers, Curling tongs (no wands!), Tail comb, Large Tooth comb, Cutting comb, Small & Medium Bristle brushes, Paddle brush, Denman brush, Section clips, Hairdressing scissors,Water spray. The Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy will provide all the styling-products needed during classes.