All our Course Modules have been designed to benefit seasoned professional Stylists, who are looking to add very specific new styling perspectives to their existing styling repertoire, as well as Stylists fairly new to the world of Session Hair Styling.

Each module has therefore been designed to work as a stand-alone module – and can also be booked as such!

While all the Modules also work in conjunction with each-other for students enrolling onto ONE WEEK, TWO WEEK or THREE WEEK BLOCKS which constitute our fantastic THREE WEEK (Full Time) Course Curriculum ‘THE ART OF HAIR STYLING’ – we are utterly confident that professional stylists will find all our TWO, or THREE DAY MODULES highly beneficial in taking your existing Session Hair Styling skills to a new level of excellence in the specific field you are choosing to expand your technical expertise and creative freedom in!

Your Experience

We absolutely pride ourselves in creating the Academy as a place of creative and artistic self-expression, so be assured that all of our Top-Stylists tutors have been instructed in following a strictly non-generic approach, so while there may be stylists with different levels of experience in any given Class –

All our tutors will have an individualistic approach to each stylist in supporting you in perfecting the specific skills you are looking to master.

Session Hair – 5 Day Intensive Course

This one week hair styling course covers advanced session hair styling techniques required to be a stand-out hair stylist in today’s fast-moving industry.

Internationally renowned Hair & Make-up Artist, Kevin Fortune, has designed and structured this 5 Day Intensive Course to see you become an image maker, a confident player within creative teams – ready to make strong style statements with hair. This course provides in-depth training in essential signature hair styling skills, such as advanced blow-drying, waving and curling techniques, working with hair extensions and braiding through live demonstrations and practical lessons on high-quality mannequin practice heads.

The aim across the 5 days is to empower you with a strong technical and creative foundation to build upon as you step-out, or elevate your path in the world of SESSION HAIR STYLING.

5 full days of education only £1150.00

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Blow-drying Techniques


beautifully finished blow-dry is the signature skill of any successful stylist. This two-day course module is designed to teach you a variety of key blow-drying techniques to achieve sophisticated, polished styles, while also making sure hair is protected. Body, Height & Texture can all be achieved by perfecting this essential styling skill. A fantastic blow-dry is the basis for a any great style.

2 full days of education only £410.00

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Waving & Curling Techniques


Key styling Techniques from the 1920’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s & 70’s will always be instrumental in creating modern and visionary styles. This three-day module will teach you a multitude of core waving and curling techniques that will ensure you are able to reference certain periods confidently, yet create intricate, exciting styles that allow your creative vision to be the driving force. Get ready to impress your clients, art-directors and editors with your ability to ‘Shake Things Up’.

3 full days of education only £615.00

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Afro Hair


Being an artist at the forefront of the exciting changes happening in today’s beauty and fashion industry calls for you, as a stylist, to be versatile when it comes to mastering the beautifully unique styling demands and possibilities of Afro hair and tight curls. This two-day module is designed to empower you to make exciting creative choices by knowing which key styling tools and products to use in order to create a desired style.

3 full days of education only £615.00

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Lace Front Wigs


Film sets, fashion shows & editorial shoots, music videos and red-carpets have become a playing-ground for artists to create increasingly elaborate and outrageous styles. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Niki Minaj are only a few examples of lace-front wigs being no longer confined to the stage and character transformations we see in films and Tv dramas. The use of wigs allows you creative freedom like no other styling area. Dream up any style – and knowing how to handle wigs will make your vision a reality.

2 full days of education only £460.00

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Hair Extensions & Hair Pieces


The confident and imaginative use of key styling techniques when working with hair extensions & pieces is an absolute must-have skill in the repertoire of every stylist working with celebrities, actors and models all across the creative & advertising industries. This three-day module is designed to open your eyes to the infinite stylingpossibilities and sheer fun to be had with dreaming up artistic creations. Are you ready to play?

2 full days of education only £410.00

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Editorial & Catwalk Hair Styling


Do you dream of working in the exciting worlds of catwalk & high-fashion editorials? Do you flick through magazines and images of the latest catwalk trends & think: ‘I have what it takes to be a trend-setting image-maker’? This three-day module gives you a glimpse of what it takes to enter the playing-field of our industry’s great visionaries in. The module includes a creative brief from young designers to create a look to show-case their work in a professional photo-shoot.Get ready for your portfolio to set you apart from the competition!

3 full days of education only £715.00

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