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With a celebrity clientele that spans Hollywood A-Listers to British TV, music and radio personalities, star stylist Kevin Fortune is taking tinseltown by storm. In his blog series, we go behind the scenes with Kevin as he coiffs the locks of some familiar faces.

LA ROUX – Her talent and new look are ready to set the music and fashion world on fire with her new album Trouble In Paradise.

When I was approached and asked to work with La Roux, my heart skipped a beat, as only six months previously, I was watching her Bulletproof video, putting the energy out that one day I’d get to work with her.

Elly truly knows her style and understands what works for her. Now I just had to create a look that would go beyond her world-renowned quiff – talked about and obsessed-over by everyone – a new style that sets her apart from everyone else once again. It’s all about captivating her audiences and most importantly, collaborating with her on creating a visual expression of how she communicates through music, which to Elly always comes first.

From my very first moodboard, I had in mind roaring fire with its flickering flames in hues from deep crimson through to orange and blonde. I visualized playing with light and shades that would reflect and shimmer from every angle. What came to mind was the early ‘80s when the New Romantics would flick their hair back and forth, displaying their perfectly crafted cuts with a fashion-forward attitude. My inspirations led me to blend a new interpretation of Vidal’s ‘60s cut with forward-thinking colouring. We both wanted a look that could be played with, to have fun with when running your hands through.

Hairstyles are going in so many different directions at the moment; long hair, pixie, extensions, curls, waves, you name it – the choices are endless! You just have to trust in your inspirations and allow for that moment when everything falls into place. I am so happy that I got to create a style with her that is an expression of the person she has grown into. Working with someone whose artistry I respect, is one of the greatest gifts in my work.

I have already been asked by many industry friends: What did you do? How did you blend the colours? That may be the best part of it all, that people are inspired by it and want to copy it. In my eyes, capturing people’s imagination is the best compliment.

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