THANK YOU for a fantastic 3 Weeks – ‘The Art Of Hair Styling’ Course!

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What a wonderful three week we all had at the Academy!

Did I say I LOVE teaching? My Joy is to see stylists develop a new skill that at first they think they will never IMG_0761_opt-2x27cjbdbuk9vyp0v1i3nkbe able to work out, but with the one to one training they receive, it all came together by the end of the day.

The academy is slowly reaching out far and wide across the world, this term we had a returning student from Switzland and a student from Pakistan take part in our modules.

So exciting to see the people are willing to travel so far just to take part in the programs we have developed. Hina from Pakistan is a well established hair dresser with her own salon, she brought her very own unique demand for her salon and her clients.

As the weather can at times play havoc with hair styling, she wanted to learn new techniques is blowdrying and styling hair so that it would stay in the high humidity environment she live in. I don’t think she was ready for the wealth of knowledge she would be taking back with her. Hinas face said it all on the last day, when she could not believe the course was over. Thank you Hina what a pleasure is was to spend time with you.

Making wigs and styling wigs is a stylist dream and knowing how to look after and maintaining the is a must. All the student could not believe the wealth of knowledge our special guest Jo Kingsly was willing to part with on the two day intense module. We were prepping high quality wigs from the well established ‘Wig Store’ hire firm adding pieces and creating a really high level of work within hours.

IMG_0626_opt-2x26kfc2zew5e3glarz0gaNext came the hair piece, all the student had the opportunity to make their own hair piece with a wild array or bright colours. They all got to totally transform their own looks for the day and now have the ability to turn their hand to any form of tempory hair piece making.

On the afro hair modules, I showed the student step by step how to do cornrows and sow down extention. Yes I know you are thinking What! All this in a few hours? Yep!

There was no time to mess about, this is a very intense course and there is a lot of information packed into those six hours. But everything they learnt will be used in the very near future, helping all of them to develop and evolve their careers.

The finale of the three weeks would have to be the photo shoot on the Friday as part of our editorial and catwalk hair styling course. We told the students to get creative, this would be the time when you get to try out something new and adventurous- no holing back. Well the proof is in the pudding. I want to know what you think of the final images the girls products.

IMG_0367_opt-2x26jg10j748ggpm2d0rgqWe had a blast this term and a real mixture of people from very different backgrounds.

Martin and I are so looking rward to the next course starting on the 8th of September.

But for now have fun in the summer sun.

Much love from all at the academy.


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