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We get inside the industry’s biggest minds with our gruelling set of quick-fire questions. Kevin Fortune, you’re up!

We’re buying, what are you drinking?

I had a Porn Star Martini for brunch a few weeks ago. Mmm!

Dream celebrity client?

Solange Knowles, I think she would have fun and experiment with really cool hairstyles.

Can’t miss TV show?

The Face. I LOVE Naomi Campbell.

Hidden talent?

I have a great voice, but I am too shy to sing in public, so you will never hear it!

Guilty pleasure?

I don’t eat dairy, but on the rare occasion I bite into a really strong French Cheese. Then I can’t breath for a week. Not fun.

If there was one decade you could travel back to, what would it be?

Late ’50s, early ’60s; I think women were so elegant and some of the most iconic creations stem from this era.

Favourite city?

London, walking across Waterloo Bridge early in the morning.

Hairdressing tool/product of choice?

If I had to choose one tool – It would have to be a Denman brush, as it is so brilliantly versatile.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Terrence Howard. I’m sure he would love to be told he resembles me, LOL! Maybe not.

Biggest achievement?

We received an email from one of our graduate stylists, telling us she had the best time ever and was blown away by what she got out of the course. My business partner, Martin, and I had given a lot of support and assistance to get to this point, so this is a huge achievement.

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