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With a celebrity clientele that spans Hollywood A-Listers to British TV, music and radio personalities, star stylist Kevin Fortune is taking tinseltown by storm. In his blog series, we go behind the scenes with Kevin as he coiffs the locks of some familiar faces.

It’s been a jam-packed two weeks since my last blog. I’ve been tending to the locks of Alan Carr and American actor Kevin McHale from Glee, who’s in town to recordVirtually Famous, a new show on E4. Simon Amstell, who was off to do the David Letterman show in LA, needed his beautiful curls seeing to as well.

I also gave Radio1’s Chris Stark a lot of hair loving, who by the way was so terrified of breaking the news to his long-term hairdresser that he’d been ‘playing away’, that he decided to tell him from the safety of his phone, over the air waves! He had the phone slammed down on him, live on-air. Oops! How funny! He told me he felt as if he had cheated on a long-term partner.Well, sometimes being in a committed relationship can be a little restricting. Of course – I’m talking about men staying faithful to only one hairdresser. Yet, at times I am asked to cut and re-style someone’s hair, who had developed a relationship with their own stylist for many years. Of course they know how you like it.

But men’s hairstyling-tastes evolve too. Gone are the days when you would hear the words: “The usual, please!”

We men love our hair tended to, now more than ever as we continue to become ever-more style conscious. Don’t believe for a second it’s just a ‘quick chop’. More thought goes into those ‘ little trims’ than we really want to admit.

Nick Grimshaw knows his hair from every angle on screen and Steve Jones – a picture of perfection – is on the phone to me the second his hair passes 4.14355222 cm!

It takes time to pull together a client list as a session stylist. Securing work depends on building relationships of trust not only with the artist, but also with producers, agents, photographers, etc. It’s so important to be versatile and have fun playing with creative briefs and, of course, being responsive to how your client feels on the day.

Due to popular demand from stylists wishing to tap into the rapidly expanding male grooming field in session styling, I am developing a male styling course at the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy that will leave you well-equipped to confidently approach shoots and editorials. Look out for up-coming courses on our website.

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