3 Day Intensive Course

Waving & Curling Techniques

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3 days – Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

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Evoke The Past – Inspire The Future

Course Overview

This 3-Day Intensive Course is designed to empower you with a fantastic range of tonging techniques to achieve awe-inspiring waves & curls. Taking inspiration from the most influential & iconic style periods, you will gain confidence in using your curling tongs and manipulating hair to achieve artistically ambitious and exciting styles to ‘wow’ your clients & boost your industry profile.

Being able to confidently reference and ‘play’ with historical references, and having the right techniques to do so, are vital in both taking control of your ideas, as well as gaining a sense of freedom in your work and broadening your technical and artistic horizon.

Covering classic Hollywood Waves, Water Waves, Finger Waves, Pin-Curls & Marcel Waves – you will discover infinite styling possibilities to take into our personal session work and bring a new level of sophistication & artistry to your styling techniques.

Being able to master classic techniques and then make them your own to bring a new, contemporary twist, is the sign of a true session artist. To capture the industry’s imagination and attention of the international Fashion & Beauty Press – We often need pay respect to the past with immaculate technique when presenting new ideas!

This course is perfect for session artists ready to make powerful style-statements in your work and passionate about bringing a new sense of depth & finesse to your Waving & Curling Techniques.

The Course Covers:

  • Pin Curling technique
  • Classic ‘Hollywood’ Waves
  • Water Waves
  • Marcel Waves
  • Finger Waves
  • Analyzing and negotiating the direction of curls and Directional Setting of hair
  • Lift, Movement, Body & Volume
  • Creating sophisticated curls with Heated-Tongs & Heated Curling Irons
  • Big, Glamorous, Voluminous Hair
  • Pinning & Securing styles


A complete kit is required to take part in the course. The styling tools you will need to bring along to all classes are: Professional Hairdryer with nozzle & diffuser, Straightening irons, Velcro rollers, Curling tongs 24mm (no wands!), Tail comb, Large Tooth comb, Small & Medium Bristle Round Brushes, Small & Medium Ceramic Round Brushes, Paddle brush, Denman brush, Sectioning clips, Water spray. The Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy will provide all the styling-products needed during classes.

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