2 Day Intensive Course

Lace Front Wigs


February 18th – 19th 2021

May 20th – 21st 2021


2 Days – Thursday & Friday
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM



The Art of ‘Character’ Transformation

Course Overview

The ‘traditional’ use of wigs being mainly used in Film, TV and on Stage to allow actors & performers to undergo elaborate transformations has in recent years seen a complete re-invention – with more and more top artists & celebrities wearing wigs to transform their looks on a regular basis in order to capture the imagination of their followers and fans, and to keep the beauty press on their toes.

There are now countless artists , whose styles we can barely keep-up with in magazine shoots and on international red carpets and it’s all down the industry having gone ‘crazy’.

This course is designed for you to gain invaluable core-skills working with lace wigs of the highest industry standard – For you to be able to join-in the boundless fun to be had once you are able to let your imagination roam free.

We proudly present this super-intensive 2-Day course to all session artists dedicated to meeting the demands of today’s industry, passionate to attain key knowledge and styling methods working with wigs and being able to dive the deeper into the power of Hair & Make-Up to transform and tell stories!

Preparation and flawless expertise are essential when it comes to designing wig-styles and this course will build your confidence to explore your artistic vision while mastering the intricacies of this wonderful craft.

The Course Covers:

  • Client Assessment / Artistic Vision
  • Covering all aspects of wig usage
  • Prepping hair under wigs
  • Prepping lace front wig
  • Setting wigs on a block
  • Styling Techniques
  • Application / Fitting of wigs
  • Wigs’ Maintenance
  • Photographic / Red Carpet Finishing


A complete kit is required to take part in the course. The styling tools you will need to bring along to all classes are: Professional hair dryer with diffuser, Straightening irons, Velcro rollers, Curling tongs (no wands!), Tail comb, Large Tooth comb, Cutting comb, Small & Medium Bristle brushes, Paddle brush, Denman brush, Section clips, Hairdressing scissors,Water spray. The Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy will provide all the styling-products needed during classes.

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