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It’s good to have big dreams. I hope one of my Artists will one day receive an Academy Award and I get to see my make-­up and hair designs flash across the world’s media. This year, I am one step closer to that dream by working from the comfort of a studio in chilly London with Alexa Chung on Sky’s coverage of the Oscars, where she had been invited to give her inimitable fashion commentary on the looks that graced this year’s Academy Award’s red carpet.

Alexa is, of course, also one of my personal favorite style icons and by the time I completed her hair and make-up, she looked breathtakingly beautiful. I worked smokey grey eyes on her and created ’40s-inspired, deep side-parted waves, which worked magnificently on her new, slightly shorter haircut by the lovely George Northwood.

Another  big  recent  highlight  for  me  was  working  with  the  divine  Philip  Kingsley  team  at the  Pro Hair Live  2015  show  in  Manchester  to  showcase  their  fantastic  new  Trichotherapy  range. What  a  great  two  days  and  I  look  forward  to  getting  involved  when  the  event  comes  to London  on  26th-27th  April.

This  week,  we  set  up  a  fabulous  Beauty Suite  for  E! Entertainment’s  highly  anticipated new  drama series, The  Royals  launch  event  at  the  Mandarin  Oriental  Hotel.  What  great  fun  to pull together  a  team  of  great  artists  to  oversee  the  smooth  running  of  cast  members  getting red  carpet  ready.

I  had  the pleasure  of  working  with  a  few  of  the  main  cast  members:  the beautiful Alexandra  Park, Merritt  Patterson  and  the  very  handsome  Tom  Austin  and  William Mosely  (who  also happens  to  make  the  meanest  cup  of  tea  in  town).  I wanted  both  Alexandra  and  Merritt  to really  stand out  for  the  evening’s  red  carpet  and  extravagant  party,  so  I  didn’t  hold  back  – they  trusted  me  to  create  strong,  bold  statement  hair  and  make-­up looks  that  kept  heads turning  all  evening.  I  mean,  who  doesn’t  want  people  to  comment, “WOW, you  look  H.O.T!”? And  they  sure  did!  It’s  always  a  great  buzz  to  work  with  up-and-coming  actors  and  tap into  their  excitement  of  making  their  own  style  statements  as  their  careers  hit  the  big  time.

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