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With a celebrity clientele that spans Hollywood A-Listers to British TV, music and radio personalities, star stylist Kevin Fortune is taking tinseltown by storm. In his blog series, we go behind the scenes with Kevin as he coiffs the locks of some familiar faces.

I have been very fortunate to attend a few high-profile fashion and charity events event over the last few weeks, wining and dining with influential industry figures, thanks to working with the adorable presenter Laura Whitmore. Amongst them, a charity gala dinner for Peace One Day, a wonderful organization working incredibly hard to institutionalize 21st September as International Peace Day, and a fabulous night out at the 2014 Scottish Fashion Awards – what a treat!

Laura is, of course, very beautiful and I always love working with women whose sense of style captures the imagination of women all across the country – and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. When it comes to Laura’s hair and make-up, she has her signature look, which really expresses how she is incredibly comfortable in her own skin and confident in her cool, understated sense of style. As the presenter of such high-profile events, there are, of course, red carpets involved, so we both decided to shake things up a little bit. I personally like all hairstyles I create for red carpets to have an effortless, touchable feel to them, so I definitely prefer styling products that give my clients’ hair movement and a silky finish, rather than products that make styles look too ‘set’. Plenty of lovely leave-in conditioners and sheen-sprays are my personal favorites when working with Laura, as we both like hair to look a little broken-up and not too perfect.

For the Scottish Fashion Awards, I tucked her hair into a faux-bob style and it’s always fun to see my clients’ Twitter and Instagram comments go crazy with people discussing and asking whether she cut her hair, or hasn’t, should have or shouldn’t have…. As a stylist, it’s a lot of fun to see this guessing-game unfold and get people talking.

This weekend, while working with Nick Grimshaw at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, I was so moved by the many stories of outstanding achievements of young people – kids who are willing to devote their time and energy to remarkable, selfless causes to help others. I was moved to tears of joy and they made me feel so blessed and appreciative of being able to dedicate my working life to something I love and the many wonderful opportunities I have been given in my career.

Oh – and in case you haven’t seen it yet, La Roux’s Kiss And Not Tell video has been released in September and, if I may say so myself, her hair looks just insanely cool. Check out the video:

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